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Wera Bit Check 10 Stainless 1 071110 (Rapidaptor Cross recess Stainless Check)

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    Bit assortment Bit-Check stainless steel, 10-piece, PH/PZ/TORX® Rapidaptor technology... more
    Bit assortment Bit-Check stainless steel, 10-piece, PH/PZ/TORX®

    Rapidaptor technology
    Rapid-in and Self-lock
    Without operating the sleeve, the bit can be pushed into the receptacle. As soon as the bit is set in the screw, the lock is automatically activated. The bit sits securely and wobble-free.

    The Rapidaptor quick-change holders take both 1/4- bits according to DIN 3126-C 6.3 and E 6.3 as well as Wera series 1 and 4.

    To change bits, simply push the sleeve forward: As you do so, the spring mechanism lifts the bit off the magnet and unlocks the tool. The bit can be removed without
    difficulty. Especially helpful: Effortless removal of even the smallest bit sizes without auxiliary tools.

    All functions of the Rapidaptor quick-change holders such as bit insertion or bit removal can be performed with one hand. This is faster, more economical and more ergonomic. No handle too

    Rapidaptor quick-change holder
    Bit for Phillips screws PH 2
    Bit for Phillips screws PZ 1, 2 x PZ 2
    Bit for internal TORX® screws T 10, T 15, T 20, T 25, T 30.

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