Please do not return unsolicited goods to us under any circumstances. Unsolicited packages can unfortunately neither be processed nor returned.



Um den Retourenprozess für Privatkunden so einfach und unkompliziert wie möglich zu gestalten, bitten wir Sie, unser Retourenformular vollständig auszufüllen. Nach Eingang und Prüfung Ihrer Angaben erhalten Sie von uns per E-Mail weitere Informationen und Anweisungen zur Rücksendung.



Announce a return shipment and request a service number:

In order to ensure that your request is processed quickly and seamlessly, we have restructured our processes for returns.

Please contact your agent before returning the goods - he or she will coordinate the further procedure with you, generate a personalized process number (RMA number) and then send you the return bill by email. Please fill out the return bill and enclose it with the goods.


Industry and Telecommunications: 02196 / 9756 – 180
Armed Forces: 02196 / 9756 – 372
Fire Departments: 02196 / 9756 – 112
Aid Organizations, Disaster Control and Police: 02196 / 9756 – 371

Please have your customer number and your order number ready!